White Sweet Potato Turkey Soup

If you have followed me for any bit of time, you may have seen this recipe posted on my Facebook page from the Castaway Kitchen. Her Sweet Potato White Turkey Chili has been a fan favorite in this house for awhile now. However since I don’t tolerate FODMAPs (ie leeks in this recipe) very well I decided to post my low-fodmap version.

I know it’s 90+ degrees across most of the USA, but my kids love this soup no matter the temperature outside. So here’s to cooler weather and yummy soup!

Dr. Hartzler

White Sweet Potato Turkey Soup

This soup is amazing any time of year. It's super forgiving if you want to change up some of the ingredients. I've done 1/2 turnips before to decrease carbs and even thrown in some zucchini recently to give some more nutrients to the kiddos! It turned slightly green but tasted just as good. My kids eat this up like I haven't fed them in days. I hope it becomes a staple in your house too.
Course Soup
Servings 6
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 30


Potato Base


  1. First begin by peeling your sweet potatoes. (On the Castaway Kitchen Blog she has you save the peels to fry which you can, but I typically don't have time.)
  2. Heat pressure cooker on sauté mode. Cut your bacon into 1/4 inch pieces. Add it to the pot and cook until crispy.
  3. Cut your sweet potatoes into large cubes.
  4. Once your bacon is crispy remove it from the pot.
  5. Add in the sweet potato and sauté for a few minutes in the bacon grease. Depending on how much fat was on the bacon you can pour off some of this if you would like.
  6. Add in the broth, salt, white pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Cancel saute function. Close the lid. Set to PRESSURE COOK: steam mode.
  7. You can wait until the pressure cooker is done and saute the turkey in the pressure cooker to have only 1 pot to clean up, but I'm normally short on time so I cook the turkey separately on the stove top. To do this, place your ground turkey in a skillet or pan with salt, mustard, and cook until done and set aside.
  8. When the pressure cooker is done, release the pressure manually to speed up the process. Then transfer all of the contents to a blender, carefully. Blend the potato mix until smooth. Add in more broth as desired. Place the insert back in the pot an heat on saute mode. (can cook turkey here if you haven't already)
  9. Pour your soup base into the pressure cooker and bring to a simmer with the turkey, this won't take but a minute or two. Stir in MOST of the bacon, save some for topping. I also top with chives. This will make a lot, about 5-6 bowls, which is about 8-10 cups.

Recipe Notes

  1. I leave out the white pepper often for the kids because it has a bit of a kick, but it's pretty amazing with it!
  2. The White Sweet Potatoes (Japanese yams) are fodmap foods too in nature, but generally a regular serving of something like this isn't a huge trigger for most, especially when swapping chives instead of leaks, and garlic-infused oil in place of regular garlic. If you don't need to be low-fodmap, throw in all the garlic you would like. You could sauté it with the bacon at the beginning!
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