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Sarah Anderson


Dr. Anderson takes a whole person approach, partnering with others to be their own best advocates of their health. She uses her background as a pharmacist and health coach combining the science of pharmacy and the art of coaching to:

  • empower patients to have meaningful conversations with their providers and feel comfortable and confident in participating in shared decision making with their providers
  • support medication optimization
  • provide education on the interplay between conditions, medications, and lifestyle modifications
  • co-create a strategic health and wellness plan while taking personal, social, and environmental factors into account
  • uncover motivation, abilities, and triggers to support a patient in making behavior changes in order to address their health priorities and develop small steps to reach their ultimate goals

She is passionate about working alongside others on their health and wellness journey!

Dr. Anderson’s areas of expertise include chronic condition management, medication optimization, as well as autoimmune disease (ie. multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders).

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