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Veronica Riera-Gilley

PharmD, BCGP

Dr. Riera-Gilley is passionate about maximizing health with minimal medication, and she has studied many ways to help patients outside the pill box. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and Certified Lifestyle Educator. In 2016, she also became a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist to support patients with healthy living, aging, and dying.

Food as Medicine Professional Nutrition training with the Center for Mind Body Medicine was her first exposure to Functional Medicine in 2010. She has continued to expand her knowledge of complementary, integrative, and functional medicine to support patients who share a desire to invest in their health and understand their own role in treatment. It is common for patients to receive a new drug for each symptom instead of viewing each new symptom as a potential side effect of drug therapy. Our aches and pains are our own little fires, and when we put them out with too many medications, something more dangerous can take root. The best way to prevent increasing numbers of medications and a need for deprescribing (reducing or stopping medication) is to listen to our bodies and make changes that address the root causes of the problem instead of covering up symptoms with drugs. Dr. Riera-Gilley will walk beside you in your journey towards better health and help you reduce your dependence on medication and embrace healthy living, aging, and dying with more self-awareness, self-reliance, and new habits for holistic health.

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