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JungHee Powell’s focus areas are women health (pre and post menopausal symptoms), weight loss with hormone balancing, proper diet, life style adjustments, autoimmune disorders (thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis) and chronic metabolic disease management (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver/kidney diseases). She believes in a functional medicine approach to find the solutions of health problems by investigating the root causes and coaching life style modification which can be a long term solution. She is a board certified medication therapy management specialist, certified in diabetes care and in pharmacogenomics. She will incorporate her expertise in DNA testing, comprehensive medication therapy management, and metabolic disorder management to find the causes and solutions to bring back the health you desire. She has seen so many patients who are clinging only to prescription medications that only treat symptoms without providing a cure, and without any measure of proper diet and lifestyle changes, which results in no relief of physical or mental suffering. She wants to help you to understand your health problems and coach you in the proper way to heal. She will help you get optimum care to obtain a better and symptom free life.

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