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Vitamin C and Diabetes

Sorry for the lack of posts lately on the blog.  We are in a bit of a crazy season,  we are currently living with our gracious neighbors while we await the completion of our home. There was a lot of action today at the house! Can’t wait to share my new kitchen with all of you. Today  I saw this come across on the Designs for Health blog and thought.. I need to share this!  Vitamin C… what an easy thing to add to someone’s nutritional plan to help better control blood sugar.

Recently in my practice, I have been more proactive in evaluating my patients with diabetes for nutritional deficiencies so we can better target supplementation to address glucose control and metabolism.

While this study didn’t identify these patients as vitamin C deficient prior to treatment, it’s amazing that something as simple as Vitamin C 500 mg twice daily can make an impact on blood glucose regulation and blood pressure.  Think about the possibilities when this is combined with a healthy diet, exercise, and other key nutrients like biotin, chromium, alpha-lipoic acid, zinc, berberine and cinnamon. Stay tuned for a post on all of these amazing nutrients.

Head over to the Designs for Health Blog and read all about it at the link below! And don’t forget to order your supplements from my FullScript Store. 10% of your purchase goes to ministry!

New study demonstrates vitamin C supplementation improves glycemic control and blood pressure in patients with type II diabetes. 

Dr. Hartzler