Your Stress Report

Your Score is:


27-40 = High Stress Score
14-26 = Medium Stress Score
0-13 = Low Stress Score

More stressed than you thought? Did you know that stress causes SO many symptoms from poor sleep and low energy to hormone imbalances and hair loss.

We see so many people, especially women that are in survival mode. They start the day on low fumes, and fill up their tank with caffeine and plug through the day. They have stomach pain and digestive discomfort. They get to the end of the day and feel wired and can’t sleep. All to start it all over again. We want to take you from not just surviving but thriving with our course the Stress Solution.

Finding solutions to chronic health and wellness challenges should not be hard. Are you ready? Ready to make steps to:

  • Reduce stress in your daily life
  • Include movement without feeling like exercising
  • Understand how stress is disrupting your blood sugar, thyroid, and sex hormones
  • Create a system to make small changes daily

BONUS: Our Stress Solution now also includes the WellWorld App where you can track your progress and find a meal plan to support your body in getting your mind and body balanced. Get a complete nutrition plan, recipe ideas, shopping lists, lifestyle tips, exercises, guided breathing videos, automated reminders and more! Through the app you also have access to our team to answer any questions, and recommendations on supplements to also support your journey.