Strawberry Green Tea Smoothie

I’m working through the first course of the Institute of Functional Medicine. Yesterday’s lecturer mentioned using green tea to blend her smoothies for help with reducing excess estrogen. So I thought why not try it! Many of you wanted the recipe so I typed it up for you. Note that smoothies are generally very forgiving and I don’t always measure exactly so don’t worry about being precise!

Strawberry Green Tea Smoothie

Green tea is a known antioxidant and also has been associated with lower levels of estradiol and estrone. So if you are looking to balance hormones or have a little healthy pick me up with your smoothie, it is a great option for your liquid to blend. If caffeine doesn't do well with your body, you can also find organic decaffeinated green tea.
Course Smoothie
Servings 1



  1. Add to your blender and blend!

Recipe Notes

We love the Blendtec. We have had this one for years! You can also get the single serving blender cup for the base that is perfect for 1 serving smoothies. 



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