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Sara Mahan

PharmD, CHC

Have you been told “you’re fine”, “your labs look great, see you in a year”, or “there’s nothing you can do, that’s just the way it is”, but yet you feel like something is off and your doctor isn’t listening? The body gives symptoms as clues, and even if symptoms are common, they are not normal. Let’s explore these dynamics together. Sara would love to partner with you on this journey to uncover the root cause that other practitioners have dismissed or tried covering up with prescriptions.

Sara’s passionate about foundational gut healing. Did you know headaches, eczema, depression, and so much more usually begin in the gut? Using a personalized approached to facilitate your body to heal, seemingly unrelated symptoms subside. In addition to gut work, Sara has additional training in adrenals, hormones, blood sugar, food sensitivities and deciphering blood chemistry within functional ranges (vs lab ranges).

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