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As we continue to ring in the new year..we are doing another giveaway! It’s a quick one so make sure you enter today.

Our 14-day RESET starts on January 25th and we want to give away 5 tickets!

Our RESET is designed to help you jumpstart your progress and make lasting changes to your health by helping you rid your body of:

  • environmental pollutants
  • hormone disruptors
  • unhealthy estrogen metabolites, 
  • and so many other harmful toxins. 

This 14 Day Reset is the only program offering the extra support you need to make lasting changes in your health – From our team of Functional Medicine pharmacists! We’ve put together a program that is safe, supports natural liver detoxification (both Phase I and Phase II) and promotes GI health at the same time! And we’ve made it SO easy for you. And now you have a change to win a free ticket to our programming. If you win, you win a ticket valued at $49, supplements would still need purchased separately.

Good luck!

~Dr. Hartzler, Founder of PharmToTable, LLC.

Ring in the New Year

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