Veronica Riera-Gilley, PharmD

Licensed in Texas and Oklahoma

Dr. Riera-Gilley is passionate about maximizing health with minimal medication. She specializes in holistic medication therapy management, adaptive yoga for seniors and mind body medicine. She enjoys helping people improve their body awareness and understanding their disease states so that they have the tools they need to actively participate in improving their health and wellness. Functional medicine plays and important role in minimizing medications because it identifies the root cause of the illness instead of relying on a pill for every ill. She is a licensed pharmacist in both Texas and Oklahoma, and she is a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP). Dr. Riera-Gilley is also a certified yoga instructor and certified lifestyle coach.

She lives in Sherman, Texas, with her husband, two sons and two rescue dogs. She and her family enjoy road trips, the great outdoors, dark skies and homecooked meals. 

Dr. Riera-Gilley is available for telehealth visits through Pharm to Table. Find her availability here. 

She is also the owner Prairie Fire Pharmacy Consulting, PLLC, and you can find more information about her yoga and mind body medicine offerings here.