Sunny Montgomery, PharmD; BS Health Science

Dr. Sunny Montgomery received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 2010. She specializes in geriatrics and senior carepharmacy while working as a clinical consultant pharmacist in long-term care facilities.

She also has previous experience as a clinical hospital pharmacist and community pharmacist. Dr. Montgomery developed a passion for functional and integrative medicine while navigating her own health issues that stemmed from years of stress during infertility, infant loss, and adoption.

She loves sharing information that she has learned with others in hopes that they can achieve optimal health and vitality.

Dr. Montgomery specializes in comprehensive medication reviews, prescribing, chronic disease state management, and drug-induced nutrient depletion. She also makes medication and supplement recommendations based on pharmacogenomic and nutrigenomic test results.

She lives in rural west Tennessee with her husband, Clint, and son, Luke.

She enjoys cooking, reading, and gardening. She passionately serves as a board member and volunteer for Heaven’s Cradle, a fund whose mission is to provide comfort and assistance to families suffering from perinatal loss

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