Sarah Mahan, PharmD

Dr. Sara Mahan received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy in 2011. Practicing in the retail pharmacy setting, she realized none of her patients were getting better using conventional methods. In fact, most were getting worse and being put on additional medications. Knowing there had to be a better way, Sara dove into studying functional medicine. Partnering with her patient, she evaluates the whole person and presents personalized healing opportunities based on the root cause. She hopes to help her patients feel heard, especially when other practitioners have dismissed their concerns. There’s a reason why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, and the answer isn’t in a pill. But if you do feel “fine”, did you know you could feel fantastic? Sara would love to help you uncover the why and light the way to embracing a life of wellness.

Sara’s passionate about foundational gut healing. Headaches, eczema, depression, and so much more usually begin in the gut. Using a tailored approached to facilitate your body to heal, seemingly unrelated symptoms subside. In addition to gut work, Sara has additional training in adrenals, hormones, blood sugar, food sensitivities, and deciphering blood chemistry within functional ranges. 

Sara lives in the South Seattle suburbs with her husband and 2 kids; they also have 2 cats and a red-headed golden retriever. If their 5-year-old has anything to do with it, a small dog that wears sweaters will soon be added. Although raised in Chicago, she’s a California girl at heart and loves the sun and playing with the kids outside when it’s nice.  Her favorite things include: being with family, learning new things, having silly dance parties, and eating the yummy, healthy food her husband cooks up.

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