Melissa Muir, PharmD

Licensed in Ohio

I graduated from Ohio Northern University with my doctorate in pharmacy in 2007. Two months later I got married and settled in Westerville, Ohio. I began working for Giant Eagle Pharmacy as a staff pharmacist, then a pharmacy manager for a short time. After having my first child, I was able to step down to part time hours and have since loved being able to be home with my children often, while still practicing retail pharmacy several days per week. We now have three children and currently reside in Galena.

I was introduced to integrative medicine by a physician who helped solve my middle child’s mysterious health issues. Through many appointments with her, as well as a lot of research done on my own, I became passionate about finding root causes for health problems and viewing health from a more holistic perspective. I believe lifestyle, nutrition and quality supplements are crucial components of getting and staying healthy. Some areas I focus on are:

1. Comprehensive medication reviews

2. Identify and correct medication related nutrient depletions

3. Recommend quality supplements to support optimal gut health, immunity, and proper hormone function

4. Dig deeper into chronic health problems with the goal of making a lifestyle and supplement plan that may eventually lower the patient’s prescription burden

I also enjoy collaborating with the other health care providers (physicians, dietitians, chiropractors, mental health therapists, etc) to help people achieve health and wellness.

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