PharmtoTable was started in 2017 by our Founder Melody Hartzler, PharmD. Through her own health journey, she found functional and integrative medicine. As a conventionally trained pharmacist who has been working in primary care for a decade, she has found a new way to address chronic conditions from their root cause. Now she sees patients get better when they partner with her.

Our team was formed in 2020 to expand her practice from 1 city in Ohio to partner with pharmacists and other providers across the country. One of the advantages of having a team is that our clinicians can lean on each other and have the ability to bring expertise from a wide variety of areas to help our patients thrive. All of our team practice with a functional medicine approach, whether they are helping you in your journey with diabetes, simpliflying your medication regimen,  or diving deep into addressing your gut health. 

We also partner with functional nutritionists that can work closely with our patients and make changing your lifestyle simple and delicious. 

Interested in Functional Medicine, but still have questions? We get it. Starting this journey is an investment – one that could change your life for the better. We want to make sure our team is a good fit for you, too! Join us at our PharmToTable Orientation class. You’ll get a preview of your journey and have a chance to get all of your questions answered about the process. 

Ready to dive in, book an appointment with one of our providers.